How Logicwind unlocked the future of marketing with AI @TiECon

AI Tools Jan 18, 2024

Marketing is not everyone's cup of tea. It involves intricate coordination, constant communication, and a tender balance of catering to diverse needs and requirements. The traditional marketing approach, however, has long wrestled with multifaceted challenges that hinder the smooth execution.

But imagine developing an engaging marketing strategy, complete with voiceovers and design suggestions, without lifting a finger. That sounds like a dream, right? At Logicwind, we turned this vision into reality for TiE Surat by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Confused? Read more to know how we did it in 3 days. Here we will also share with you how our AI approach not only streamlined our marketing campaigns for TiE but also delivered impactful results for TiECon Surat's Annual Flagship Event.

TiE, or The Indus Entrepreneurs, is a global nonprofit organization fostering entrepreneurship. TiE has evolved as a vast network of entrepreneurs, professionals, and thoughtful leaders with a shared mission of nurturing and transforming the next generation of business leaders. The global network of TiE includes 28 chapters in 12 countries.

Our partnership with TiE Surat was a strategic collaboration fueled by a shared vision of utilizing the power of AI to completely ease and elevate TiE's marketing.

We aimed to utilize an AI-powered marketing strategy to reach a wider audience and to get better engagement.

By leveraging AI tools for tasks like content generation and design suggestions, we desired to optimize TiE's marketing efforts and free up valuable resources for other initiatives.

We used 3 different AI's to streamline our work.

  • ChatGPT: An AI tool that aids in generating engaging post ideas and outlines, ensuring a steady flow of fresh content.
  • Midjourney: Another AI tool that creates stunning visuals based on your prompts, perfect for capturing attention and boosting engagement.
  • Elevenlabs: Elevenlabs, a tool that adds a human touch with its high-quality AI-powered voiceovers, giving life to your visuals.

Designing the future with Midjourney

Choosing the right theme for the content was essential. Thus surpassing generic stock photos - we aimed to transport TiE into a world of captivating, futuristic visuals. Here's how we did it:

Our creative team brainstormed and made three distinct mood boards to capture the essence of TiE's vision. Sleek and minimalist, Minimal Realistic, Neon Futuristic, and Neon Retro - each board had a unique perspective. The TiE team appreciated the Neon Futuristic mood board and decided to proceed with it further.

This wasn't just about aesthetics; it resonated deeply with TiE's vision of fostering innovation and empowering future generations of entrepreneurs. The futuristic lens allowed us to showcase the cutting-edge solutions and forward-thinking approach that define TiE, aligning flawlessly with their aspirations.

Fueled by this inspiration, our team utilized Midjourney to produce stunning visuals that incorporated this theme.

The prompts we used for Midjourney were as follows:

  • Create an image presenting 5 Roman pillars in a linear line, emerging from leaves, front view, in neon futuristic theme.
AI Generated 5 Roman Pillars
  • Indian local businessmen discussing business with other businessmen in the background there is a cable bridge in surat, neon futuristic style, captured with 35mm 5.6, facial features are clearly visible.
AI generated image of some Indian businessmen and Cable Bridge in Surat
  • A neon futuristic image of a globe with entrepreneurs gathered around it
AI generated image of a globe and surrounding entrepreneurs
  • An image of a mentor guiding a group of young entrepreneurs, showcasing the collaborative and empowering dynamics between the mentor and the entrepreneurs, in a neon futuristic theme.
AI generated image showcasing the collaboration between mentor and entrepreneurs, in a neon futuristic theme
  • Generate a neon futuristic image of a globe with a group of people, networking events, and entrepreneurs collaborating.
AI generated image of a globe with a group of entrepreneurs collaborating

Alternatives of Midjourney

DALL-E 3 by OpenAI

Considered as the ultimate Midjourney alternative, DALL-E 3 radiates with its photorealistic power. Imagine conjuring vibrant portraits, breathtaking landscapes, or intricate objects with exquisite detail, all from your text prompts. This powerful tool elevates your creations to another level, pushing the boundaries of what AI-generated imagery can achieve. offers a double benefit with its two models, Stable Diffusion XL and SDXL Turbo. Both unleash creative freedom, with XL excelling in photorealism and precision, while Turbo leans towards artistic expressions and styles. The best part? A free plan lets you sample their magic, while customizable options cater to your specific needs.

Adobe Firefly

Dive into the fascinating world of Adobe Firefly, currently free to explore. This AI gem seamlessly integrates with your existing Adobe workflow, letting you add a touch of AI magic to your photos and designs. Experiment with abstract textures, enhance your compositions with unique elements, or simply let your imagination run impromptu – the possibilities are endless., a rising star in the AI art scene, is stretching boundaries with its diverse capabilities. Generate stunning images from your descriptions, translate your existing photos into artistic masterpieces, or even experiment with animation – all with a friendly free tier of 150 images and a budget-friendly $10/month paid plan for those with extending requirements.

So, don't settle for just one option! Expand your vision to the limitless potential of AI image generation, and let these exciting alternatives ignite your creativity.

Outlining with ChatGPT

ChatGPT was utilized to generate all-around outlines for the marketing, ensuring a readable and structured narrative. Human input was integrated with ChatGPT's suggestions, allowing for a unified collaboration that combined the best of both. Here the AI was given the prompts and specific themes related to TiE's pillars, programs, and mentorship initiatives. After this, the generated content underwent an iterative refinement process, where human editors worked alongside ChatGPT to enhance clarity, style, and brand consistency.

The prompts we used for ChatGPT were as follows:

  1. Consider yourself as a social media strategist who develops unique campaigns that include interesting images/graphics and content that attracts an audience. Based on the above information, create 6 days of Instagram content focusing on what is TiE, TiE Surat, and the pillars of TiE.
  2. Generate more in-depth content focused on each day, this content strategy can have both carousel posts, a single post, or a reel/video.
  3. These texts are too lengthy and not very catchy. Consider yourself as a content strategist and write content that will go on the image/video as well as for the caption. The goal of the text is to attract the audience to check out TiE.
  4. I want to make a small teaser video from this. Give visual ideas and content for the same.
  5. Keep it a general teaser as I don't have testimonials or photos of the event. I need a generic video teaser that talks about TiE Surat and how it is going to change Surat's entrepreneurial journey.

Alternatives of ChatGPT

Choosing the right AI chatbot for your needs can be overwhelming with so many options available. Here are four leading contenders you won't want to miss:

Chatsonic by Writesonic

From generating engaging dialogues to writing scripts and crafting compelling marketing copy, it does it all. Sign up and get 10,000 free premium words to test-drive its capabilities. Plus, its unlimited plan offers a 20% cost advantage over ChatGPT, costing only $16/month. Chatsonic seamlessly integrates with popular marketing platforms and boasts a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to create powerful chatbots.

Claude AI by Anthropic

Claude prioritizes safety and reliability, making it ideal for sensitive tasks like customer service or healthcare information dissemination.
Choose from various models and pricing options to tailor Claude to your budget and needs. For example, Claude Instant offers 100,000 tokens with separate pricing for prompts and completions.

Anthropic continuously updates and improves Claude, ensuring you always have access to the latest advancements in safe and helpful AI.

Jasper Chat by Jasper

Jasper excels at generating different creative text formats, from blog posts and social media captions to marketing copy and even scripts. It offers three subscription tiers with transparent pricing. You can opt for the Pro plan at $59/month/seat (yearly billing) or choose the more affordable Creator plan at $39/month/seat (yearly billing).

Jasper has a large user base and a solid reputation for delivering high-quality AI writing outputs.

Bard AI by Google

Bard is still under development, but it already showcases Google's cutting-edge LaMDA technology. It promises to revolutionize the way we interact with AI. Currently, Bard is available for free while in its experimental phase. This gives you an early glimpse into the future of AI-powered conversations. With Google's backing and LaMDA's capabilities, Bard holds immense potential for various applications, from education and healthcare to creative writing and entertainment.

Remember, the best AI chatbot for you depends on your specific needs and budget. Do your research, try out free trials, and explore the diverse offerings available to find the perfect AI companion for your project!

Integration of Elevenlabs for voiceovers

In our AI-powered marketing video, Elevenlabs took center stage. This innovative voiceover tool seamlessly integrated into our workflow, generating dynamic and professional audio that brought TiE's presentations and posts to life. But we didn't stop there. To ensure a natural flow and perfect alignment with TiE's brand voice, we enlisted the expert touch of human oversight. This blend of AI efficiency and human refinement resulted in impactful videos that resonated with our audience.

Alternatives of Elevenlabs

Speechify Voice Over Studio

A versatile solution for all your AI voiceover needs, Speechify offers a free plan to get you started. If you require more, their premium subscriptions unlock advanced features like custom voices and emotional intonation, allowing you to tailor your audio exactly as you envision.

Embrace customization with, where a multitude of plans cater to every need. From the free creator tier with standard voices to bespoke enterprise solutions, they empower you to find the perfect voiceover fit for your project, regardless of your budget or scale.


Students, individuals, and agencies choice, Listnr offers a tiered pricing structure, delivering professional-quality AI voice overs without breaking the bank. Start with the basic voices in the student plan and transcend to premium voices and custom options as your needs evolve.

Remember, the perfect AI voiceover tool depends on your unique needs and budget. Embrace the power of AI to add dynamism and efficiency to your video content, but don't underestimate the importance of human finesse. Consider combining AI voice overs with human editing or proofreading for that final touch of polish and brand alignment.

The real validation of our work came from Kashyap Pandya and the TiE Surat team. They were highly impressed by the creativity, efficiency, and measurable results achieved through AI. Kashyap stated, "This campaign has opened our eyes to the immense potential of AI in marketing strategy. The engaging content and futuristic theme resonated perfectly with our audience, and the results speak for themselves."

The success of this collaboration doesn't lie solely in the numbers and the metrics; it lives in the conversations sparked, the connections formed, and the ideas ignited.

Logicwind invites you to take our collaborative spirit and AI-powered services further. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding innovator, explore how our AI services can enhance your productivity. Let's embrace together the wave of innovation, fueled by AI and propelled by human ambition. Connect with us. Let's write the next chapter in the captivating story of AI-powered success.

Final Output

AI Generated Images & Video


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