Logicwind Grand Opening in Ahmedabad

logicwind opening Feb 8, 2021

"It always seems impossible until it's done." --Nelson Mandela.

And we are glad that we did it.

With immense pleasure, we officially announce/proclaim the opening of our new office in Ahmadabad.

Logicwind has proudly been in business for 10 years. Our team, our product portfolio as well as our clientele, have been still steadily growing; about which are supremely proud. We believe that our persistence to serve our clientele with nothing but the best has position today Logicwind where it is.

Having our headquarters at Surat and now launching our new office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is a stepping stone towards our mission to being operational across PAN INDIA.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customer base as well as every passionate Logician.

When we commenced the journey of delivering innovative solutions with groundbreaking technology, we laid the foundation at Surat, Gujarat, to expand our expertise all over India and worldwide.

While inaugurating Logicwind in Surat, we were familiar with the fact that the company sprouted here is going to branch much farther. Ever since its inception, expanding our company was one of our immediate goals; and being able to open a branch in a different city; brought us one step closer to our goal. Along with that, we will be opened to new avenues of business and we would get significant exposure. After the successful opening in Ahmedabad, we can now explore various cities to settle.

However, every start has a few setbacks. We had it too. But our determination was stronger than that. Besides, the prospects and projects in Ahmedabad pushed our efforts.

With a traditional business environment, spacious enough for better infrastructure, and proximity to premier colleges, Ahmedabad turned as just the right destination for us. The city’s tech-enabled space has solid potential, and we are thrilled to channelize that potential for growth via our unique IT Development, Software Development, Branding, and Digital Marketing services.

Henceforth, with proper planning and management, we successfully had the entire setup in the biggest city of Gujarat.

At present, Logicwind - Ahmedabad is full-fledged operational and we are all set to create a benchmark of technology innovators here as well.

We firmly believe that this is the start of a new and exciting phase of business for Logicwind. Once again, we thank all of our clients for their ongoing support throughout the years. Your trust has allowed our business continued growth.

We look forward to welcoming new businesses bring their ideas into existence.

Here’s to the future of Logicwind.



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