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Internship Jun 4, 2023

My first offline internship.

My very first step in Logicwind. My first - with my teammates - work desk. My first 9-to-5 experience. Yes, it was exhausting, but it was terrific. From the second I walked into the office, I was astonished by the environment and the mood. Even though I was very new, I was treated as an old friend and was welcomed warmly. With the kindest and most enthusiastic faces, the people guided me, introduced me, and made me feel at home with a smile on my face. With motivational jokes and quotes all around the office, I realised there was no reason to be nervous. From the music playing in the background to a hangout spot in the centre of the office, this place is the most comforting working space I have ever seen and probably will ever see.

The employees of the company are not only very talented and skilled in what they do, but they are also kind, caring, and compassionate in their fields. Not only that, but they guided me throughout my internship and helped me learn necessary skills in coding, collection, and so much more. They patiently explained the answer to every single question I asked and involved me in all their projects, making me feel like an integral part of the group.

These people work hard and give their best every single day. And it definitely does not go unnoticed by the company. Every month, the company holds a ‘Rewards and Recognition’ event where new members of the company are introduced, the birthdays of people in that month are celebrated, and the best employees are recognized with a certificate. This is not the only highlight that the employees look forward to. With cricket matches and frequent celebrations, the company is more like a big family than workmates.

The company itself is very open-minded and accepting. Even with zero coding skills, I was given a place in the company. In the initial days of the internship, I was given a very boring job and was already dreading joining the company. But when I talked to the head, their response was very touching. They believe that every employee should experience both the most boring and the most thrilling jobs. They should know every position and situation in the company to climb higher. Even then, the company provided me with the tasks I was skilled at and focused on. While allowing me to stay on track with my interests, the company pushed me to extend my knowledge, get out of my comfort zone, and try to build new skills and gain further understanding in the field.

From making new friends to gaining new skills, expanding my knowledge in the fields of IT and data science, and opening my mind to career choices in this field, my experience at Logicwind was phenomenal, and I am genuinely grateful for the wonderful opportunity.

For any young programmer, developer, or analyst who is looking to improve their resume, skills, and knowledge, an internship at Logicwind is the best first step in your journey to becoming a professional in this field.

                               Aanya Zaveri


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